Yarn Art Activities for Kids (20+ Craft Projects for Children of All Ages)

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There are so many different ways to create, paint and explore with yarn. That’s because there are so many colors and textures of yarn and so it’s basically hard not to have fun with it! Here are some fantastic yarn art activities for kids to make in your home!

Easy Yarn Art for Kids that Love Animals

  • Read a well-loved children’s book and then make this rainbow spiderweb. Talk about what happened in the book and learn more colors along the way.
  • Use egg cartons, yarn, and beads to make this adorable egg carton jellyfish! A cute way to learn about sea creatures and display them with your yarn art!
  • These adorable yarn pom pom chicks will capture everyone’s hearts, so be sure to make a few for each person to avoid fights over them!
  • Make these super cute ladybugs with some glue, googly eyes, paper plates, and paint, and give your little one ages of arty fun.
  • These adorable egg carton bee crafts will be a huge hit in your home. They’re super cute to make and fun to create too! Cute activity for preschoolers to make and toddlers to paint.
  • Your preschooler will love making this simple fun toilet paper roll bee! A great fine motor activity involving painting, winding yarn, and gluing.
  • Learn to sew by making these stunning paper plate Easter sewing crafts! They’re gorgeous enough to keep and rehang each year and will give lots of creative fun when made!
  • Your girls will love making this shoe-shaped unicorn craft! A great activity for learning colors as you make rainbow hair, and for practicing cutting.
  • This is a stunning yarn art activity is for nimble fingers! Make a shoe box loom, and then try some colorful paper snake weaving.

Yarn Wrapping Crafts for Kids

  • Make some beautiful yarn-wrapped trees using this activity and wrap your homemade trees with white, decorated yarn art! A beautiful winter activity, which can be modified for any color tree for any season.
  • Your kids will want to make zillions of these beautiful yarn-wrapped stars! They are so easy to make, and so strikingly pretty once hung!
  • Have some winding fun making these red and green yarn apple garlands! A fun activity you could work into a story or letter learning.
  • Spice up Christmas, or create any ordinary colorful trees with this fun yarn-wrapped tree activity.
  • These colorful yarn-wrapped spring flowers will brighten up any room in the house, and are so simple and fun to make!

More Easy Yarn Art Design Ideas

  • Make an easy paper plate earth craft and have fun with paint and yarn art, while learning about our planet.
  • Have arty fun making this colorful, watercolor yarn craft masterpiece, and learn all about colors with this creative yarn paint fun craft.
  • Learn all about planets while making this yarn solar system, and have great fun recreating all the planets in their colors, with . . . yarn!
  • Learn how to weave with this simple yet pretty yarn weaving tutorial, using colorful yarn and a paper plate. A great fine motor skills activity for little fingers!
  • For the kiddos who love beautiful bracelets, these 2-minute yarn twisty bracelets will be an instant hit. Add beads for a pretty charm bracelet!
  • Have some beading fun with colorful pasta, and create these gorgeous rainbow pasta threading bracelets!
  • Keep little fingers busy with this fun yarn rainbow art activity. Learn all about different colors as you create these pretty rainbows.
  • Try this new fun way to make yarn art and paint with yarn! A messy play idea your preschoolers will love doing over and over again!
  • Use those little fingers while learning letter and shape formation, in this fun yarn shape and letter tracing activity.
  • For a creative alternative to the usual painting, try this pulled string painting and make some stunning artwork!

I hope you enjoy making some of these wonderfully creative crafts with your little ones! What yarn art activities and crafts you do with your kids at home? I’d love to hear your ideas for more easy yarn crafts for kids.

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