20+ Write My Name Activities

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When your child is at that age where they are learning to write their names, it’s very exciting for them and for you as the proud parent! Take a look at these fun, creative activities to help your child learn to write their name!

Get a personalized name tracing worksheet with your child’s name on it, and let them practice writing their name. Great on paper or laminated for reuse!

Your child can learn to write their name by sliding their finger over this glitter glue name card. It’s a fun activity they can paint over, and they will learn as they watch you write their name with glitter glue.

These Say it, Make it, Write it mats are a clever way to help your child learn to write their name, as well as make the name with plastic letters, playdough or whatever other crafty materials you have available!

This hands-on, name recognition beads activity helps your child to recognize and create their name using beads and squeeze glue! This is a really fun activity where your child can write each letter of their name using beads! Have fun while learning to write a name!

Use an alphabet ice tray and glitter glue to make your child’s name in ice, and then have some art and science fun watching the name melt while painting.

Create letter roads for your child’s toy cars, and let him practice writing his name on the road-letters! A clever and quick activity that will keep kids entertained for a while!

Make this clever game at home, and let your kids spell their names with this name-spelling game using pompoms and a letter-dice. A creative way to recognize and learn letters and your child’s name.

Your child can see their name in the night sky with this clever activity using white crayon and black paint. Make their name magically appear and have creative fun at the same time.

Your child can have fun learning through science, art, co-ordination, concentration and literacy when writing their name with salt, glue & watercolor!

Make a name book at home with your child in Preschool or Kindergarten, and let them learn about each letter of their name!

Your child can create their name with these adorable free printable ice cream letters, and make their own ice cream cone names! Great for practicing letter recognition too!

Make these sensory scratch and sniff names using gelatin and glue, while your child learns how to spell their name, letter recognition, formation and all about absorption.

Here are 10 ways to help your child learn to spell their name, using tactile fun tools like pegs, scrabble letters, puzzle paper letters, letter apples and many more!

Print this rainbow paper and make a rainbow name puzzle using the letters of your child’s name. This is a fun way to match letters in the right order, as well as colors!

Make these letter snowmen and help your child spell their name while building a snowman and decorating it! Your kids can compare their names, find common letters and compare lengths of names. A great activity for letter identification.

Get this free printable and create this super fun name search activity. Your child can search for his name in the page of letters and mark it with a dot marker.

Make some beautiful bling names with sparkly craft sequins and glue, and have loads of creative fun learning!

Your child can make their own caterpillar name with this free printable craft. Each caterpillar bump is a letter, help your child recognize the letters in their name and piece them together correctly!

Take a look at these 5 clever ways to spell your child’s name using playdough, and have endless fun while learning! From mazes to straw dots to playdough letters, your child will have fun being creative while learning to spell their name!

Get out the glue and pompoms, and let your child create their name while making a name collage full of colors, while learning name and letter recognition and hand-eye co-ordination.

Take your pic of creative, simple and fun name activities helping your child to learn to spell their name. Use dot painting, a light table, sponge painting and much more.

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