20+ Wet and Wonderful Summer Ideas for Kids to Do

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Summer is the best time to bring out the water and let the kids play! Water can cool the children down during the heat of the day, and it’s an incredibly inexpensive material to work with. There are so many wet and wonderful summer ideas for kids, the hard part is picking where to start first.

20+ Wet and Wonderful Summer Ideas for Kids

Let the kids play with water and a whisk! Such a simple idea, but it will keep the children engaged for quite some time. Add some soap for bubbly water play.

Experiment with the changing shape of water. Let the kids be scientists as they watch water take on the shape of every container it’s placed in.

Explore physics with water and PVC pipes outside. Watch as the children problem solve and make new pathways for the water.

Do some water painting with textured brushes. Try it standing up on a chalkboard or outside on the sidewalk.

Play with colorful ice in water, a perfect summer idea for the kids. Watch as the colors melt and combine to form new colors.

Set up a water-themed lemonade stand.

Explore a favorite children’s book in this Rainbow Fish ocean sensory bin.

Have any dinosaur lovers at home? If so, they will have a blast with this dinosaur swamp sensory bin activity.

An ocean sensory ice melting activity will definitely help kids cool down over the summer.

Talk about summer fun! This ocean water play invitation looks amazing, and I love how they used the watering can.

Even More Watery Summer Ideas for Kids to Try

This water the alphabet flowers idea will get the children moving and work on alphabet skills at the same time.

Bring in the fine motor skills with a water transfer guess the color game. A great way to work on color recognition, too.

Explore how clouds and rain work using fine motor skills. Such a fun weather experiment for the kids to try this summer.

Grab some water and reuse your leftover bottle caps with this bottle cap game.

Of course we can’t forget the classic water play invitation. Children can pour and transfer the water, with some splashing thrown in for good measure.

Colored water play is another take on the classic water play invitation. Add various colors and even some soap so your water scientists can play and experiment.

Why not set up a DIY water wall outside?! Use recycled bottles from the kitchen to put it all together.

Put out a water play invitation for your toddler. Lots of different containers and materials will grab the kids’ interests as they play.

Squeezable and colorful water play will keep the kids entertained whether they’re inside or outside.

If your children love LEGO, this icy rescue mission is sure to grab their attention.

Add some lovely scents to the kids’ water play this summer. This adds a new sensory aspect to the summer water fun.

What are some of your family’s favorite summer ideas for kids when it comes to playing with water?

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