Weather Playdough Mats

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Playdough is such a fun activity. Most kids absolutely love playing with it, even when they are older. Not only is it fun, but it is a great way to explore other important topics too, like the weather. These Weather Playdough Mats are a perfect way for kids to learn all about the elements of the weather!

These weather playdough mats cover many elements of weather, including:


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Each playdough mat has the no filled picture of whichever element it is covering. This is where kids can put the playdough to create their own. There is also a colored version of the image. Then there is the word written out.

This will help kids explore each element of the weather as well as practice the words for each of them. The pages are colorful and fun, too.

Not only is this fun and helpful for kids learning about the weather, but there is also an important sensory aspect of the activity. 

Playdough is also a fabulous sensory activity. This can provide children with calm or centering effects. Playdough also strengthens the muscles of the hand that are used to form the playdough.

Prepping these weather playdough mats is as simple as printing, laminating and grabbing the playdough!

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