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Most children start learning about the weather at a very young age. Children can typically recognize that it is sunny, rainy or even snowing. Since it is something that most children at least understand a little about, using this as a theme for the classroom or learning at home is a perfect idea!

Matching Game For Learning Weather

This matching game focuses on various parts of the weather. It goes beyond sunny, rainy or snowing! It includes much more than that!

This set includes:

A Cold Thermometer
A Hot Thermometer
Storm Clouds
An Umbrella
Windy Clouds
Rain Clouds
..and more!

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You only need a few things to prep this game and you can play it forever!


After printing the game set, cut the cards apart. Each set has two cards.

You can laminate the cards once they are cut. This isn’t required but it will definitely help keep the game alive for much longer. Especially with little kids!

Another option is to print this on one-sided cardstock, with a pattern or print on one side. That way little ones can’t peek at the cards through the paper.

This game is played in the traditional matching game way. Mix up the cards and turn them face down. Each person playing the game should pick two cards per turn. If the two cards match, they keep those cards in their own personal pile. If they don’t match, they turn them back to face down and it is the next person’s turn.

It is important for everyone to pay attention to each turn so they can try to remember where each card is.

Whoever has the most cards in their stack when all matches have been found wins. If you want to have a winner!

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This is a fantastic game for strengthening memory skills, focus, cognitive thinking and more! Plus it will help children learn more about the weather and hopefully lead to discussions about the different types of weather.

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