Virtual Play Date Printables

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Times have changed. We all know this. We can’t go to playgrounds or trampoline parks like we could a year ago. Things are different. That doesn’t mean that we can’t still help our children have a social life. It just has to be different for the time being. Virtual play dates can be exactly what you need. This Play Date Ideas printable can be super helpful!

Virtual Play Date Printables

Virtual play dates can be done in a variety of ways. For instance, using Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or an other online video communication. Even though kids won’t be face to face, they can still talk and interact and of course play.

Straight talking can get boring for kids, though, so having some fun activities for them to do will make the interaction even better!

Some of our ideas included in the printable are:

Dance Party: Turn on some of your favorite tunes (on one side of the play date) and get dancing. Kids can make up their own dances or watch tutorials online to learn new dances.

Sing Along: Just like the dance party, turn on some tunes and get singing!

Play Trivia: It is simple to find trivia questions that are appropriate for your children and their friends. You can have children take turns answering or do a whoever is fastest.

Show and Tell: Kids love sharing their favorite toys or prized possessions. Doing a virtual show and tell is a great afternoon activity for kids!

Play an online game: Facetime, Facebook kids messenger, etc. have online games kids can play while they talk to each other.

Play Dress Up and Have A Tea Party: You can combine the two or do them separate. Kids will love socializing with their friends while having a tea party.

Write a story: Kids can help each other create a story. One can write, one can draw the pictures, while they all help create the story line!

With a little planning ahead, you can do quite a few other activities.

Plan a scavenger hunt: Parents may need to collaborate with one another to allow kids to work together with this activity, but it will be worth it completely. I can hear the giggles now.

Science Experiment: Grab the same supplies and have children explore the STEM world through science experiments. There are a ton of different ideas that can easily be done together but virtually.

Lego Challenge: Grab some Legos and get building. Give the children task cards and see how they can build something separate but together.

Are you considering home school? These are our favorite resources!

If you haven’t noticed by now, working together separately is the key phrase these days. Just because we can’t spend as much time together in the same room, does not mean that we can’t socialize and spend time with each other. These virtual play date activities are not only super fun but the perfect way to for kids to spend time with each other!

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