Valentine’s Day Puzzles to Print

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If your kids are anything like mine they might be well…obsessing about all of the candy that comes with the Valentine’s Day holiday. It’s important to remind our children that Valentine’s Day is about more than just candy, just like Christmas is about more than just presents. For possibly some much needed reflection time, these Valentine’s Day puzzles to print are perfect for getting your child’s brain engaged and receptive to learning.

Puzzles to Print Valentine’s Day Activities

These Valentine’s Day puzzles to print include four different printable puzzles with Valentine’s-themed-images including: a chocolate bar, a cupcake, a teddy bear, and a bouquet of roses. First, your child will need to color each of the images on the free printable worksheets. Next, they will need to cut out the individual puzzle pieces. Finally, you and/or your child can mix up the various puzzle pieces and they can get to work on putting their puzzles together!

Preparing Your Puzzles to Print

Preparing your Valentine’s puzzles to print is definitely simpler than putting together the puzzles themselves! All you need to do is print the worksheets and make sure that you have the following materials available for use:

  • Coloring utensils
  • Scissors


Puzzles are a great way to engage your child’s learning and development. In fact, it’s one of those exercises that continues to challenge and stimulate the brain across all age ranges and skill levels. Your Valentine’s puzzles to print are bound to help your child practice the following skills:

  • Memory
  • Problem solving
  • Coloring and creativity
  • Spatial awareness
  • Fine motor skills
  • And more!

Puzzles to Love – Puzzles to Print

Some people love puzzles while others aren’t the biggest fans. Regardless of where you or your child stand on the matter, it’s important to remember that working with puzzles from time to time is great for our brain development and maintenance. In a sense, it’s similar to eating our vegetables; we may not like it, but we know it’s good for us.

However, we’ve made these puzzles to print with FUN in mind for your kiddo. So, even if they don’t think they like puzzles, encourage them to give it a try. They just might find themselves surprised. Make sure to keep an eye out for more Valentine’s printables coming your way soon!

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