Upcycled Sponge Monsters Craft for Kids

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Not all monsters have to be scary, in fact, some can be quite colorful and fun. See how to make your own mini monsters using just sponges and a few basic craft supplies. These upcycled sponge monsters are a fun way for kids to get their little fingers and imaginations moving, so look below to learn how to craft your very own!

A Fun Upcycling Craft For Kids

colorful sponges
craft glue or hot glue, glue gun
googly eyes
pipe cleaners

Have you tried Salt Painting? We LOVE It!

Start by adding a generous dab of glue to the back of the googly eyes. We liked using different colors and sizes (found at Dollar Tree) to make our monsters look extra wacky. Press the eyes to the sponges. You can add a pair, or add more!

Create the antenna for the monsters. We simply cut and twisted the pipe cleaners and added a dab of glue before pressing them to the back of the sponge.

Finish off the face of the monsters by taking a piece of pipe cleaner and creating a circle or zig zag for the mouth. Add another dab of glue and press into place.

Your little sponge monsters are now ready to be displayed! Just think of all the ways you can create these! Add more eyes, more pipe cleaners, or other objects of your choosing to create the perfect little face.

Another fun craft for kids is this Coffee Filter Butterfly.

Give these easy upcycled sponge monsters a try, and see how fun it can be to turn an everyday object into something silly!

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