Under The Sea Printable Activities For Kids

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Under the sea is such a wondrous thing of this world. There is so much magical life under the water, it’s miraculous how that world works and so differently from ours. My kids feel the same. I think about their faces when we got to an aquarium, they are in pure amazement. If your kids are the same, they will love these Under The Sea Printable Activities for kids.

Under The Sea Fun!

There is so much happening in this printable pack. These activities will keep kids entertained for hours!

To prep these printable, the first step is to print them. You can give the papers alone to your kids and that will work great. If you want to be able to reuse them there are a few options. I like to laminate activities for my kids, but if you don’t have a laminator I also like the dry erase pouches. Either of these options allows children to use dry erase markers to complete out these activities.

This pack is filled with fun printable activities that are not only fun but have development and skill benefits for kids.

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Trace & Color
Tracing is a fun activity that can help children with prewriting. This is necessary for their future ability to write letters and numbers.

Coloring Page
This, like the tracing, can help with prewriting and future handwriting. This is also great from strengthening the hand muscles that are needed for writing.

I Spy
We love I Spy activities in our house! This is great for scanning and identifying skills. Kids will search for the objects from the key. As they find each one, they will count. Then write down how many they found in the answer key.

Mazes are amazing for helping children adapt, think ahead and focus.

What Comes Next?
This is a pattern activity. Finishing a pattern is a fantastic math skill that can seem like pure fun, but is beneficial for future math skills.

Memory Game
Memory games are loved by so many kids. This is an easy game to play individually, with older siblings, in a small group or with parents. Memory games help children with short term memory, identification, sorting and counting.

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All of these printable activities for kids are fun and beneficial. They are games, though, so children won’t quite understand exactly how much they are developing and growing from these simple activities!

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