Truck Theme Beginning Sound Activity

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Does your child love trucks? My son loves anything truck or construction related. He loved this Beginning Sound Activity pack because it has a truck theme! How fun is that? This is a perfect activity set to use during a vehicle unit, as an extra encouragement for children who are struggling with beginning sounds or even just for kids who love trucks!

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Beginning Sound Activities With A Truck Theme

Learning beginning sounds is so important for kids. They must learn and practice beginning sounds so that they can expand their literacy knowledge in order to read. When a child can understand that words are made up of (usually) multiple sounds, they can use this knowledge for their reading and writing skills.

Understanding that words are made up of sounds is the first step and then children can sound out words and eventually learn to read and write. Reading and writing are the ultimate goals, right?

Using This Truck Theme Activity

This Truck Theme activity pack comes with three pages.

This set includes one page that is very similar, and can be used as, a poster. It shows one truck for each letter of the alphabet, the letter itself, and then a picture of a word that starts with that letter. This is the last page. 

The first page is a page that is very similar to the last, but without the beginning sound pictures. The trucks are each blank.

The second page has just the beginning sound pictures.

You can prep this activity by cutting out the beginning sound pictures individually. You can choose to laminate both the beginning sound pictures as well as the blank poster. This will keep the game usable for years to come.

Mix up the beginning sound pictures on the table. Ask kids to pick up one of the pictures and place them on the correct beginning sound letter.

For children who are just beginning, you could start with just a few pictures at a time, but then you can expand as they are ready for the challenge.

Children will love playing this truck game and will learn and practice beginning sounds while they are having fun!

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