Transportation Letter Mats

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Transportation is a super fun preschool theme that many kids enjoy and some are even obsessed with. This makes learning with this theme so fun for kids and something that teachers and parents can use to encourage children to learn. These Transportation Letter Mats are sure to be a hit with your preschoolers!

Transportation Letter Mats

These transportation letter mats are going to be the perfect way for your kids to practice both upper and lowercase letter formation and recognition.

These are super easy to prep. After you print them, you can choose to laminate if you would like. Not only will this extend the life of the activity, but will allow you to use these mats in different ways.

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You can take these letter mats and use them as a border in your classroom or playroom. You can hang all uppercase letters together or upper then lowercase beside each other. This is a super helpful way for kids to reference when they need a reminder of what a letter looks like.

If your cards are laminated, a simple idea is to use playdough to form the letters on the card. Kids can follow the dotted yellow line to know how to form the letter.

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Another fun idea for these letter mats is to take toy cars and have kids ‘drive’ on the letters.

These cards will also make the perfect tool for a matching game. You can start with just a few letters or add more depending on the challenge that is needed. This is a fun activity with so many options for different learning styles.

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