Top 10 Snowman Crafts for Kids

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Snow crafts for preschool are perfect this time of year when all our favorite shows are showing snow and if you live in a snow area it’s taunting you to come play outside and its most likely way too cold to do so. The awesome thing about making snowman crafts for kids is that us in no snow areas can totally join in on the fun!

Do you wanna build a snowman… you sang that didn’t you? I certainly did.

Our kids are usually very enthusiastic to embrace the season and build snowman crafts and explore any kind of winter theme.

There are so many ideas we could use to make cute snowmen but below are 10 of our favorite snowman crafts for kids that are sure to make winter so much more fun!

Here are my top 10 snowman crafts for kids, perfect for toddler or preschool!

Make a puffy snowman with this shimmery puffy paint, great sensory activity too.

Use paper plates to make a paper plate snowman or use TP rolls for these toilet paper roll snowmen!

Turn foam cups into these adorable snowmen, aren’t they cute?

Have fun with snowman stick puppets, singing songs or making up your own stories.

These cork snowmen looks great as ornaments on a Christmas tree.

Make a special snowman keepsake to remember the size of your child’s hands!

Create a 3D snowman, using polystyrene balls and some buttons, sweet.

Turn plain tea lights into tea light snowmen, such a clever idea!

Lastly, use paper only to make this paper snowman, a super easy craft!

So many cute and fun snow crafts for preschool, which one do you want to try first?

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