Top 10 Kid Made Ways to Decorate your Backyard

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This month we are bringing you the top ten ways kids can join in decorating the backyard!

This fabulous DIY Canvas Teepee is decorated with kid drawings!

Stepping Stones are lovely to make with kids and make great keepsake gifts too! Children will enjoy making their own hop scotch stepping stones, and it will keep them entertained for a while.

Butterfly feeders and bird feeders are fun to make for kids: decorating the backyard, caring for butterflies and birds and it gives opportunity to observe these beautiful creatures too!

See these garden mushrooms made from terra cotta pots and drain trays and this kid made wind chime is also made from a terra cotta garden pot!

Collect bottle tops and create this amazing fence art with the kids! A lovely collaborative project for the whole family.

Stones or rocks make great plant markers and is another craft project the kids could join in to decorate the backyard and garden.

Lastly, reuse the kids’ old toys to make planters, it is a good way to be “green” and still keep sentimental toys around, making it useful again.

Which backyard decorating idea is your favorite?

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