Toilet Paper Tube Bird Feeder Craft for Kids

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Birds are such fascinating creatures to watch, and the warm summer months are the perfect time to do just that! You can attract more birds to your yard when you make this easy toilet paper tube bird feeder  craft for kids. It is an inexpensive and fun way to feed the birds and enjoy all the entertainment they provide. Here is how you can get busy making your own!

A Simple Bird Feeder Craft For Kids

empty cardboard toilet paper tube
yarn or string for hanging
peanut butter

Begin by placing a generous amount of birdseed on a plate. This will make it easier to roll the tube when you are ready.

Take a knife and apply a smooth and generous layer of peanut butter to the cardboard tube. You want to make sure the whole outside of the tube is coated.

Roll the tube into the birdseed. Make sure you roll it well so all of the peanut butter is covered.

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Take your scissors and cut a hole into the each side of the tube. Make the holes at the top of the tube so you can easily add the yarn for hanging.

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String the yarn through the holes and create a knot. Make sure the knot is sturdy and firm.

You can now tie the top of your yarn for hanging. You can hang the feeder from a hook or branch for easy access.

Now all you have to do is watch! In no time the birds will find your feeder and flock to it. When the seed is gone, you can easily repeat the process. Reapply the peanut butter and seed and start all over again. Birds will love this high protein snack and be sure to visit your home often!

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