Toddler Taste Safe Foam Dough Ice Cream Cones

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This activity for toddler taste safe play foam dough ice cream is a fun way for kids to make their own ice cream cones! This easy recipe will provide hours of sensory fun as kids roll and decorate their own ice cream cones, allowing them to set up a little sweet shop of their own.

Look below at how to make foam dough, so you can use it to make your own colorful cones and enjoy an educational, hands on experience.

Ice Cream Cone Dough

taste safe foam dough (you can find our easy to follow recipe here)
food color (colors of your choice)
craft paper
craft pom poms
craft tape
or craft glue

Check out this play foam recipe, too!

The first thing to do to make this fun activity is to make the taste safe foam dough found here.

Break your foam dough up into segments. You can then place them in individual bowls. Color the various segments with a few drops of food coloring per bowl. The more food coloring you use, the deeper the hues will be. Mix well.

Allow kids use their hands to knead the foam dough. Roll it into balls so that it looks like a scoop of ice cream. This is a wonderful fine motor activity for kids!

Create your ice cream cones by cutting the craft paper into large triangles. Roll the paper into a cone shape and secure the sides with either craft glue or tape.

You can now place the foam dough balls into the cone like you would a scoop of ice cream.

Top the foam dough with poms poms and/or sprinkles just like you would real ice cream!

There are tons of ways that play dough can help kids learn, check these out!

This easy foam dough ice cream cone activity is a fun, hands on way to enjoy all things ice cream! Not only does this play foam encourage fun and creativity, it is helping children with developmental skills. Fine motor skills are important for children to strengthen.

This can be done with anything that requires children to move their hand muscles, just like this play foam. By playing with this dough, children are strengthening hand muscles that are needed for future life skills.

These life skills include tying shoes, zipping a zipper, holding a pencil, cutting, coloring and handwriting. 

Give this activity a try and see how much fun you can have. 

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