Tissue Paper Craft for Kids – Butterfly

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In Butterfly Butterfly by Petr Horacek, a young girl named Lucy goes exploring in the garden. She notices all sorts of critters in all sorts of colors, but the real surprise is the butterfly she sees! This colorful tale doesn’t just introduce kids to the world of bugs, butterflies, and colors, but it also has a fun surprise at the end they are sure to love! Give Butterfly Butterfly a read for yourself. Then check out how you can make your own tissue paper craft below!

How to Make a Tissue Paper Craft (Butterfly) with Kids

We were able to find these supplies at our local Dollar Store. You can do the same or check with your local craft store. Use whichever paint colors you want and, of course, choose any tissue paper colors you like. The idea is to make the tissue paper craft butterfly appealing to you!

Here is what you will need to make your own tissue paper butterfly craft:

  • Wood clothespin
  • Assorted colors of tissue paper
  • Craft paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Craft glue

Now let’s get crafting:

Begin by painting the clothespin (your choice on color). You can use multiple colors or one, create a pattern, or keep it simple. Apply the paint and allow it to dry before moving on to the next step in this tissue paper craft.

While the paint dries, start crafting the wings of your butterfly craft. Layer several pieces of tissue paper on top of each other and cut them into 6×6 in squares. The squares do not have to be perfect.

Once the clothespin is dry, clamp it at the center of the tissue paper stack. This will leave ruffles of paper sticking out from each side of the clothespin for your tissue paper craft.

Gently fluff the paper to add fullness. You can take scissors and trim the ends to make a design or give the wings some shape if you like.

Finish the butterfly by cutting two small segments of pipe cleaner and gluing them to the top of the clothespin to make the antennae.

Your tissue paper craft is now ready to be enjoyed! Display the Butterfly wherever you could use some color. Alternatively, use it for a storytelling prop, or even write your own story about it. It is such a fun way to enjoy the book Butterfly Butterfly even more!

Bugs & Butterflies – Build, measure, paint and read all about bugs and butterflies!

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