Things To Cherish While Your Kids Are Still Young

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Our children are growing up before we can blink. We all have those moments that we realize just how quickly it’s happening. You look over and your son is laughing like his father does or your daughter has a face of a teenager, even though she’s only 6. It happens so fast and if you’re like me, you dread the day that they are grown up and move out of the house, not needing mom anymore. That is why this list is so good. It’s full of simple things to cherish, to make it a little easier as our kids grow up.

Things To Cherish

Some of these ideas are super simple and some will encourage you to spend quality time with your little one.

Watch Them Sleep. Nothing is more peaceful than watching our kids sleep soundly, tucked into their nice warm bed. When I do this, it usually brings up all sorts of emotions and I may shed a few tears. This is a special moment for me.

Smell Their Head. Your children have a sweet smell unlike anyone else. This is a scent that I want to never forget.

Laugh At Silly Jokes Together. Grab a joke book or google some funny jokes and giggle with your kids, or just laugh when they laugh. It happens so much when they’re young!

Give Lots Of Hugs. This is a no brainer. Nothing feels better in the world than getting a good hug from your child.

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Hold Them Tight When They Cry. When they are sad or hurt and want your love, this is a time to show them that you are there and how much you care.

Run Through The Sprinklers Together. If it’s hot outside and you’re ready to hear some serious giggles, running through the sprinklers is an amazing way!

Eat Meals Together. Try to do this every day. This is a perfect time to chat or talk about something important.

Color and Draw With Them. Doing activities together, even simple ones like coloring, is a great way to bond with your child.

Have One on One Date Nights. Spending time alone, especially if you have multiple children, is an important step for bonding as well.

Sing and Dance Together. Just be silly. Turn on your favorite song and dance!

Take A Lot Of Photos & Videos. This is a given also. When you’re feeling reminiscent, go watch videos of your little one!

Watch Movies Together. We love movie nights in our house, it’s a fun way to spend quality time together.

Teach Them Good Manners. This is a life skill that they will never forget and you will feel more complete when you’ve taught them. It takes work and consistency, but eventually they’ll get it and you’ll hear them using manners without prompting. What a proud moment!

Take Slow Walks. Just relax, don’t rush and walk around the neighborhood. Talk to each other.

Read A Lot Of Books. Not only is reading important for their learning and literacy skills, but this can help build a strong relationship between you.

Spend Time Together Without Your Phone. Our phones are a big part of our lives but they are also a HUGE distraction from the life that is actually in front of us! We hear this all the time, but it’s time we listen.

Listen To Them When They Talk. No one likes to feel ignored. And our children definitely deserve to be heard.

Hold Their Hand. If they will still let you, always take the opportunity!

Save Their Crafts & Keepsakes. A container like this is fun but if you don’t have space to save ALL of them, take pictures and make a photo book.

Tuck Them In At Night. This is the most special part of the day. Send them off to sleepy slumber with hugs and kisses galore. My daughter asks me to “play”(sing) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star every night. I’m happy to do it as long as she’ll let me. I know all too soon she won’t want it anymore. 


Our children grow up faster than we would like, and we know we need to hang on to the moments. These are simple ways to make sure we can.

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