The Mitten Experiment

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This week for our preschool we had a mitten theme. Now living in a non-snow area we have never experienced having to even wear mittens but I was up for the challenge and decided I would make us a pair of mittens (no one sells them here!) and that we would do a small little experiment on how they worked.

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Firstly I got some felt and we traced my oldest preschoolers hand size out in the form of a mitten.

I then cut these out with extra room for the hot glue. yip. I hot glued the mitten together! I didn’t turn them inside out either just left them as is for our little experiment.

Enter largeish block of ice I froze that morning. I just added a bit of water to the bottom of a container essentially.

I encouraged the preschoolers to touch the ice. My older preschooler poked at it while my younger preschooler tried to pick it up.

That didn’t go very well for her. It was cold!

We then slipped our mitts on and touched the ice again. My youngest preschooler was super excited about this new discovery and kept picking up and putting down the ice. She licked it too!

She then took the mitts off after a while and once again tried to pick up the ice without mittens but quickly asked for them to be put back on.

I think my preschoolers rather enjoyed this little mitten experiment!

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