Teamwork with Stacking Cups

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Teamwork is a great skill to have. In this activity we took advantage of the kids love for stacking things and added in a friend (or sibling) to build with!

For this activity I used a pack of plastic shot glasses, which I have for various activities and things.

This activity is very easy. Each child takes a turn to place a cup on the tower. This helps us with fine motor skills as well as learning to build structures like this and balancing the cups so that they don’t fall.

Once the tower is complete, restack the cup into each other and try again!

We also did some advanced stacking by having one cup the right way then balancing a second upside down on top then another and another. See how high you can go!

Looking for more fine motor ideas?

My co-hosts have some ideas for you!

  • Hungry Caterpillar Fine Motor Color Game from School Time Snippets

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