Superhero Worksheets

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These superhero worksheets are jam packed with super extraordinary learning opportunities! Perfect for K-5 learners, you’re little ones are sure to have a blast while helping to save the day with these free printable worksheets.

Superheroes to the Rescue

I think every kid loves to imagine themselves as being like a superhero. I mean, who doesn’t like to swoop in and save the day?! These superhero worksheets come with six different printable pages where your child can have fun in their imagination while also working on learning and development.

The first page of these superhero worksheets include a line tracing activity – help the superhero to “POW” and “SMASH” their target. The next two pages of the printables prompt your child to fill in the missing letter of the name to the corresponding superhero (ie: “tiger” superhero and “apple” superhero). The last several pages include circling the odd superhero out and coloring the letter and number stars surrounding a flying superman!

Prepping Your Superhero Worksheets

It doesn’t take superhero powers to prep these superhero worksheets. Simply print them out and make sure your child has access to coloring and writing utensils. Determine how much or how little assistance your child may need from you in order to complete the worksheet activities.


These superhero worksheets are packed with super awesome ways to practice and develop skills. Your child will be working on their:

  • Line tracing abilities
  • Fine motor skills
  • Language development
  • Critical thinking
  • And numeracy skills

Get Ready to Save the Day

We love the idea of your little one saving the day as they complete these superhero worksheets. Get creative with them and make it a fun game. Kids love it when the adults in their lives try to get on their level of play and fun. We hope that you enjoy these superhero worksheets and that you find value in our other free activities as well. Superheroes unite!

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