Super Cute Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft For Kids

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The harvest season is upon us, and this paper plate pumpkin craft for kids is a great way to prepare for it. Kids will love making their own paper plate pumpkin, and you will love that it takes minimal supplies and just a few minutes to make. Look below at how to get started and create a paper plate pumpkin patch of your very own.

paper plate
orange craft paint
paint brush
brown and green pipe cleaners
hot glue, glue gun

Another simple craft is this Easy DIY Bird Feeder. My kids loved it!

Apply two coats of paint to the back side of the paper plate. Allow coats to dry in between painting. This will help it adhere nicely.

If you wish, you can use a finger painting method instead. This may be more fun for younger children who want a sensory experience.

Once the paint is dry you can prepare to add the stem and foliage.

Twist a piece of brown pipe cleaner nice and tight for the stem. Use hot glue to adhere it to the unpainted side of the plate.

You can now add vines. We twisted the green pipe cleaner around a pencil to create them. Add some hot glue and press them to the back of the plate as well.

We loved making this Indian Corn craft with paint and LEGO!

Once your paint and glue is dry, your paper plate pumpkin is ready to be displayed! Make a whole patch of them for some fun harvest season wall decor!

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