Summer Counting Printables For Preschoolers

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Summer is full of fun days outside, playing in water and eating frozen popsicles to stay cool. While it is mostly fun play time, reviewing or learning new skills is an important element as well. These Summer Counting Printables are the perfect way to get numbers into the minds of your little learners.

Summer Counting Printables

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Counting is an essential skill that toddlers and preschoolers need to master in order to further their math knowledge. Addition and subtraction can not be understood if counting is not clear. Teaching your little learners how to count does NOT need to be boring, though. Engaging activities such as this Summer Counting set are beneficial.


Finding new and inventive ways to keep interest when practicing math can be hard sometimes! Using activities like this one, with the fun pictures that can be colored, can really help. This particular activity is for numbers 1-10. This is a great place to start when learning to count.


Prepping these counting cards is super easy. You can literally print, cut and play. Use the coloring utensil of choice to make these colorful.

An alternate option is to print and laminate. This will help keep the activity strong to use with clothes pins. These summer counting printables can easily be turned into a clip card activity. Cut each card apart from the others and laminate them. Grab the clothes pins or pom poms to mark

These Heart Counting Cards are fun too!

How To Play with Summer Counting Printables

After you prep the cards, you can give them to your kids individually or in a stack. Children will look at the card, count the objects and then pick the correct number. Children can clip the clothes pin on that number. If you don’t have a clothes pin, you can also use a different manipulative like a bead, rock or pom pom. Another great idea, if you laminated the cards, is to circle the correct number with a dry erase marker.

Kids are going to love practicing and strengthening their summer counting skills with these printables or cards.

Additional Ideas for Summer Counting Printables

This counting activity for preschoolers is great for small groups in the classroom or individual work at home. You could also take this activity on a road trip, to a doctors appointment or a restaurant.

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