Strawberry Learning Activity Pack

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Spring and Summer are full of so many fun things but fresh fruits and vegetables are one of my favorites! Nothing beats a juicy, plump strawberry on a warm summer evening! This is the inspiration for this Strawberry Learning Activity Pack. It’s full of ‘delicious’ printable learning activities for preschoolers.

Strawberry Learning Activity Pack

While this printable pack has activities specific to strawberries, such as the life cycle of the fruit, it also has fun strawberry themed activities for literacy and math too! It is super simple to prep, too! After printing, just pick your child’s favorite writing utensil and get started!

Strawberry Characteristics

This printable helps children with the characteristics of the strawberries. This includes red, bright, yummy, bumpy, plump, sweet, juicy, and heart shape. We had some strawberries to look at and talked about the different characteristics. Then we ate them. My son LOVES strawberries.

S is for Strawberry

This page has a maze, a place to trace the word strawberry and a giant S that kids can color.

Upper & Lowercase Letter Match

Kids will match uppercase letters to the matching lowercase letter. This is fabulous for letter recognition but also practicing holding a pencil and drawing a line from one object to another.

Adding Strawberries

This printable has ten frames full of strawberries to help children practice simple addition for numbers 1-10. There are 5 addition problems and they will help kids strengthen their math skills.

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Spelling The Word

Strawberry is a really long and can be a difficult word to spell. This printable will help kids spell the word, one letter at a time! This process is a simple way to help children spell any long word that may be challenging to them! If nothing else it is good letter writing practice.

Strawberry Shapes

This activity is a great way to help children with shape recognition and matching. Cut out the solid strawberry shapes and ask them to match to the empty ones. This is not only super simple but also very effective.

This strawberry activity is helpful for strengthening a child’s skills using scissors. They will cut out the strips and then paste them in the correct order onto the blank template. This is helpful for visual discrimination and recognizing patterns.

As you can see there are a ton of fun strawberry themed activities in this pack that will help kids strengthen a variety of skills while having fun at the same time!

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