Storage Ideas For Your Toddler Room

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Are you looking for storage ideas for your toddler room? Fed up with tripping over toys in your littlie’s room, or having every toy in the house unpacked by lunchtime? Well worry no more, we have some handy tips for sorting and storing those toys and structuring their room, that’ll leave you smiling, and your toes bruiseless 😉

Toy Storage For A Toddler Room

Unpack your giant toy chest where everything lives, and sort toys and games into their original groups.

Then pack each type into it’s own container, and label. Each time your child needs an activity or game, you give them just that one container. The room always (almost always..) stays tidy and tidy-up time is quick.

Fabric drawers are a classic solution for organizational needs, use them anywhere – on the floor, bookcase, and in closets.

Or if you like color, bright and cheerful folding fabric bins may be what you need.

This 3 Sprouts storage bin is adorable, nice for nursery decor as well.

Get busy making DIY recycled cardboard toy bins.

For small bits, something like this vertical rainbow organizer can really make a difference.

Don’t forget about under the bed space, utilize this often over looked space with a DIY rolling storage cart.

Toddler Room Storage Ideas (in toddler language)

Label your toddler’s storage containers with words (or pictures) of what’s inside, and make their shelves and drawers accessible by tiny heights and hands. Large messy games/crafts can be stored out of reach for sanity purposes 😉

Wow – reusable sticky labels that look like chalkboard! You can use liquid or dry chalk to write on them, erase, restick, and try again. I know I’ll bring my extras to the kitchen! So classy, nifty, and multi-functional.

TeachingMama laminates these free printables for kid-friendly plastic toy bins.

The Golden Gleam did this clever trick with actual pictures so her kids can easily recognize the contents.

Here is more colorful cheer for your toddlers room! Try these happy looking customizable stickers (free printable) from IHeartArtsAndCrafts.

In A Toddler Room – Systems are key!

Living by the old adage ‘A place for everything, and everything in it’s place’ helps keep your toddler’s room organised and neat! With a neat place for legos, books and toys, you’ll be well on your way to having an organised toddler room where you can find any toy at a glance!

No doubt about it, LEGOS are the toy that is most often in need of an organized storage system. A craft cabinet with various sized sliding drawers is makes a special home for all sizes and accessories.

An extra large play/activity mat looks like a sanity saver, follow a simple DIY plan or buy one.

This custom DIY lego shelving unit is AWESOME! I love seeing the pictures of son and dad working together.

For even more ideas about preserving instruction booklets, color coding, and tool box tricks hop over to CarrotsAreOrange to read about lego storage in action.

If Legos aren’t threatening to take over your floor, stuffed animals may very well be. A mesh hammock elevates the furry friends up off the floor and makes use of corner space.

Smaller soft buddies and baby toys can be clipped on a vertical chain.

For a quick hide-away solution with easy access, ComeTogetherKids has a great suggestion.

Feeling thrifty? A DIY hanging basket is a beautiful project you and your child can do together.

Books are next on my list of things that need a special place in my toddlers room. I really like this 3 Sprouts hanging wall organizer, it has such a nice, friendly print.

This is a really clever DIY shelving project that makes use of a dresser wall, I could totally do this!

A stand up book sling shelf look nice and offers lots of space!

Fun Helping Hands

Have your child tidy up after themselves. Sounds impossible? Turn it into a game to see who can put away the most toys, or throw lego into the lego bucket, or plastic rings onto their stand. Kids seem to love plastic animal bins; who doesn’t love a panda bin who ‘eats’ garbage?

I can see these small storage caddies being a great tool in a race to pick up as many toys as possible.

Feed the duck! He’s hungry 😉

A timer is only the first game idea from TheresJustOneMommy.

Here’s a successful idea with kitchen tongs!

Try singing a clean up song to inspire your little one to action.

Storage Ideas – Out with the old, in with the new

To avoid collecting up an enormous collection of toys that your toddler never uses/outgrows, get into a habit of giving to charity/friends toys that your child doesn’t play with anymore. Keeping your toy collection to a decent size, and able to fit neatly into the toy storage space you have, goes a long way to creating a neat, organised toddler room!

TheJennyEvolution shares her favorite places to donate old toys after the holiday season.

Check out these Mom tips about keeping your toy collection small:

Teaching Kids Not To Trash – Graham And Parker

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How to Involve Kids in a Toy Purge – Best Toys for Toddlers

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