Stamping with Play Dough Tools (Process Art)

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I just love our process art series this year. The themes are interesting and I get to just sit back and see what the kids make or do with the materials presented. Sometimes they ask for help other times they just go at it!

This month’s themes is stamping. Do check the bottom of this post for more stamping ideas.

Last month’s theme was Tissue Paper and we made Stained Glass Window Decorations.

For our stamping adventure I decided to give the kids some paint and their playdough tools. At first they were a bit confused as to where the playdough went but soon decided to experiment with my suggested idea. (Here is me helping by giving them hints as to what they could do. ha!)

Before you set up have the following in mind:

  1. The paint is going to stick to your playdough tools. have some warm soapy water ready for when done to speed the cleaning process. Involve the kids in the warm soapy water if they are keen!
  2. Their fingers are going to get full of paint while stamping so take precautions such as having a damp towel to wipe paint hands on.
  3. If you child is a shirt wiper (cleans paint on their shirts) use a painter smock.

You will need:

  • Paint
  • a tray for paint
  • large sheets of paper (mine are a3)
  • playdough tools

Squirt some of the paint onto the tray for the kids to roll / stamp their cutters in. Once used you can do one of 3 things with the paint smeared cutters. 1. put them back in that try 2. get another tray for used cutters 3. use another sheet of paper to rest them on.

I also use an oil cloth on my table to wipe up paint spills and such.

Phew, ok so now that we are set up have some fun! 

Stamp those cutters and molds and rollers to make a variety of colorful creations!

I just love projects like this that expand the use of the tools and what they were originally meant for.

related: Using other things for playdough play.

I think the biggest hit was the roller for sure. The rolling in the tray collected all the colors then rolling onto the paper brought out all the patterns of the roller.

Need some more stamping ideas? Check out these from our co-hosts!

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  • Process Art Challenge with Bug Stamps from Stir the Wonder
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