Stained Glass Window Decorations

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This month’s process art is all about tissue paper. Now I love sticking stuff just as much as my kids do so we went with that idea!

Firstly I prepared the materials.

  • a few colored squares of tissue paper / crepe paper
  • Water down the white school glue to make it paintable
  • grab some cardstock and a paint brush

Now there are 2 ways to get the tissue paper onto the cardstock. 1) you either paint the paper then stick the squares or 2) you put the squares on the paper then paint on top of them. Option 2 turned out the best for us.

Once you have some good coverage move your artwork to some place to dry. Now here is where some patience comes in! We left ours overnight.

Once you have a dried art work flip it over and draw items to cut out on the back. We went for a circle, star and tree. At this stage the children who are able can out these shapes themselves.

Once cut out display them! We have some on the window, walls and on the fridge!

Tip: Use blue tac to keep them down!

I am rather pleased with the lovely colors of this artwork!

Need some more things to do with tissue paper? Check these out!

  • Tissue Paper Ornaments from Craftulate
  • Gingerbread House Stained Glass Windows Process Art from Stir the Wonder
  • Tissue Paper Filled Ornament from School Time Snippets
  • Polar Themed Process Art for Kids from Still Playing School

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