St. Patrick’s Day Worksheets Matching Game

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With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner we’ve brought you some fun matching worksheets to help get your child in the spirit of the holiday. These St. Patrick’s worksheets are great preschool printables and require no reading or writing skills in order to complete. While a great worksheet option for preschoolers, these free matching activities are also fun for school-age children as well.

Matching Game St. Patrick’s Day Worksheets

We love a good matching activity and that’s because they are fun and engage our kiddos in meaningful ways. These St. Patrick’s Day worksheets come with three printable pages, with four matching activities each (12 total). There are two columns of images. Your child must draw a line from one picture to its matching correspondent in the alternative column.

Prepping Your St. Patrick’s Day Worksheets

You won’t need any Irish luck for the preparation of your St. Patrick’s Day worksheets because they are just too easy! Simply print out your free worksheets and make sure your child has an appropriate writing utensil. Then, make sure they understand how to complete the worksheet before getting them started.


You may be wondering, “what skills will my child be developing by completing these matching St. Patrick’s Day worksheets?” – A LOT, actually. Your child will be working on their:

  • Visual discrimination
  • Fine motor skills
  • Pre-reading skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • And more!

Have Fun With Your Free Matching Worksheets

Most importantly, we hope that you and your child have fun with these St. Patrick’s Day worksheets. In fact, studies show that when we have fun while learning our cognitive skills are enhanced and our ability to retain information is greater. That’s why we develop free printable worksheets with both fun and development in mind. For more free worksheet fun, make sure to check out our other activities as well.

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