St. Patrick’s Day Fun Printable Pack

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Who else is ready for St. Patrick’s Day? This fun printable learning pack can help make this day more than just a day to wear green. While that is fun, we can make it much more than that for our kids with simple activities just like these.

St. Patrick’s Day Printable Learning Activities

This pack is full of fun activities that will help kids learn and practice a variety of important skills for preschoolers. So print out this pack and grab your favorite pencil and let’s get started!

Help The Leprechaun Maze

Mazes are not just fun for kids, but they also have a ton of benefits. One of those being problem solving skills. Children need to focus on where to go next and figure out what to do if they get stuck. This also helps reinforce patience, persistence and cognitive thought processes.

All of these are important mental skills that are strengthened when children do mazes and another important benefit of mazes is that children can strengthen their hand eye coordination. This is crucial for so many parts of life, but one important aspect is handwriting. Doing mazes can help children work on the skills that are necessary for handwriting in the future.

Letter Mix Up

While this is simple and fun, unscrambling words can help children with spelling and vocabulary skills. These words are all specific to St. Patrick’s Day, which will make this a fun way for kids to practice these words!

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Leprechaun I Spy

This St. Patrick’s Day I Spy printables can give children a wide variety of skill strengthening. Children will work with cooperating & taking turns if they are working as a team. I Spy also helps children with short term memory and help with visual discrimination by identifying and searching for objects.

Trace The Numbers & Count

Counting, identifying numbers, 1:1 correspondence and and writing numbers is all strengthened with this one printable.

Odd One Out

An odd one out printable is helping to identify visual differences. The purpose is to help children see the differences between the St. Patrick’s Day themed objects and call out which one is different.

Luck of The Irish

This fun St. Patrick’s Day activity is a fantastic printable to help identify an object, trace the word and then write it on their own (or trace the lines if they’re not ready). This is great for helping children practice holding a pencil and writing letters.

Count & Write

This is a simple counting activity that will also help them write the number.

Leprechaun Letter Tracing

This printable allows children to practice tracing each letter of the alphabet. This is important for children to practice so they can write more and more in their life.

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All of these St. Patrick’s Day activities are simple but so beneficial. Kids will enjoy practicing and strengthening these skills while celebrating the greenest holiday of the year, St. Patrick’s Day.

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