Spring Yoga Cards For Kids

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Have you ever done yoga? The benefits are endless, really, but it is also a lot of fun! We’ve created some printable cards that will help you and your kids have an interactive yoga session, receive all of the benefits, and have fun!

Printable Yoga Cards For Kids

Do you know the benefits of yoga? It’s more than an exercise, I’ll tell you that first. Yoga can help the mind AND body with strength and movement. Here are some of the best benefits:

Manage Anxiety:
Yoga is full of breathing and movement exercises. The combination of the two can help with stress management and can decrease anxiety.

Regulation of Emotions:
Doing yoga helps everyone be present with space and time which promotes peace and relaxation. This can in turn help recognize and control emotions.

Body Awareness:
Children can learn about their bodies and what they are capable of by doing yoga.

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Increase Memory and Concentration:
Yoga is a fantastic tool to help children strengthen concentration and memory. Yoga requires focus. This can in turn help with memory and concentration.

Strength and Flexibility:
Gross motor skills are strengthened while working towards gained strength and flexibility with yoga moves.

These cards are super easy to prep. All you have to do is print them. If you would like to cut them apart so you can have actual cards, you can do that. You could also hang them on the wall as is.

These poses are not named your traditional yoga pose names. These are perfect to help children understand what they are supposed to do. Instead of calling the pose ‘child’s pose’, the card asks the child to pretend to be a seed. Another example is instead of saying ‘tree pose’, the card asks the child to pretend to be a tree. This is especially helpful for little ones to learn the actual poses, not necessarily the names themselves.

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