Space Themed Matching Cards

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Rockets, planets, spacemen and stars are common to space themes for preschoolers. My kids love to explore things that are themed and it give me a change to talk more about the topic by using the items as prompts.

These cards are easy to use and encourage conversation.

Print out the printable at the end of this post and cut the cards on the lines. These cards last longer is laminated or you can print them on cardstock for a sturdier play session.

Extra space things to talk about:

Spaceman – The spaceman is wearing a helmet why do you think that it? There is no air in space!

Alien – Could there is aliens? I bet they would look different from us.

Rocket and ships– There are 3 space crafts. One is the aliens ship (you could match it up to the alien image) The one space ship has a lot of tanks stuck on it. They contain full to get off the earth and into space! When they are empty they fall off and the ship is free. The rocket with no tanks.

Telescope – What do you think we use this for? Yes! We look at the stars with it!

Satellite – Sometimes at night we see things moving across the night sky. Those are satellites. We use them to communicate with. If you want you could get into detail here about sending messages across large spaces and communicating for astronauts in space.

Asteroid – What made all those holes? As an asteroid moves through space it crashes into other smaller asteroids which make impact craters on the surface.

As you can see activities can be used in many ways and talking about what we see in images can be one of them. This matching space theme is a great puzzle.

Download the space theme cards here.

More ideas for your space theme activities!


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