Sort and Count Rainbow Puzzle Busy Bag

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Welcome to this months busy bag! Every month we aim to add a new busy bag to our collection. This month we are full of rainbow ideas!

This busy bag is a rather simple one to make with many variances to explore.

This busy bag is quick to set up and the kids can help!

You will need:

  • Rainbow color cardstock. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, (optional indigo) and violet.
  • A circle punch
  • Optional paper to draw lines on
  • Bag or ziploc to store in, pen to write with.

Start by punching out a bunch of circles in all the colors! My kids go crazy for punches.

Once you have a bunch of disks, make a rainbow on a flat surface. Use the table, the floor or a kitchen tray.

We recently painted the kids craft table with chalk paint! I love the contrast.

If your toddler or preschooler has trouble making a rainbow draw lines on a large paper to aid in the making of the rainbow as below!

So pleasing to the eyes all those disks lined up so beautifully. 

As an added difficulty level for advanced learners number your disks!

Also if you have no nail (mine are always short!) use a spare disk to help move the other disks around if you can’t pick them up with your fingers. This was great fine motor practice for my toddler!

Another idea for a busy bag with those punched out disks is to add shapes to them.

Then let your toddler or preschooler sort the shapes in a rainbow color pattern!

To make this one easier on a just learning child. Print this below image of what it should look like for them to copy!

Little hands in my photographs always make me happy! It reminds me that these activities are fun and the kids LOVE them! woohoo! score!

This post is a part of a rainbow themed blog hop! Don’t forget to visit everyone else listed below and get some more rainbow goodness!!

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