Bring the Snow Inside for A Snowy Sensory Play Experience

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Our beautiful, snowy winters in Canada sometimes have us cooped up inside. This past weekend, we had a huge snowstorm and it was extremely cold. Since going outside was not possible, I brought some snow inside for our sensory bin.

Materials Needed for this Snowy Sensory Play Fun:

  • Ladle
  • Plastic Mason jar
  • Metal fork and spoon
  • Snow (bring in real snow if possible; if not, try some fake snow)
  • Paint

We started off playing with different items: ladle, plastic Mason jar, metal fork and spoon. My daughter learnt very quickly that when metal gets cold it stays cold!

After 20 minutes, I noticed my daughter losing some interest, so I decided to add some paint. The clean white snow with bright colors was quite pretty. She loved mixing all the coloring; especially since the snow was beginning to melt.

Add paint for colorful snowy sensory play

That’s when I brought some water for her to pour in. My daughter loved this sensory activity and it was quite educational. Once the snow melted my daughter found some small pieces and enjoyed putting it into a bowl of warm water and watching it melt.

Do your children enjoy playing with snow, whether it’s inside or outside? Would this colorful, snowy sensory experience be enjoyed at your home?

About the Author:

Dara Greenspoon lives in Montreal, Canada with her husband and two year old daughter. Currently, Dara is a stay at home mother but was a preschool teacher for ten years before giving birth. Her passion for children is tremendous and she loves creating different activities with her daughter to share with everyone.

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