Snakes and Ladders: A Printable Days Of The Week Board Game

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I love playing board games with my kids and I loved playing them when I was little too. Board games are a fun way to practice and learn skills while appearing to be having fun. This particular board game is printable and will help kids learn all about the days of the week.

Snakes and Ladder Board Game

This board game is a play on a childhood favorite, but it’s printable and it will help children learn the days of the week. We all need to learn the days of the week, and usually do in preschool or kindergarten. This can be done in a variety of ways, but this printable game is a fun way! Kids will love it.

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To prepare this game, all you have to do is print it out and grab some game pieces. These pieces can be anything from tokens from another game, coins, buttons, beads or cut shapes out of paper. It doesn’t matter. As long as each person playing has their own game piece.

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You will also need a dice or other way to know how many spots to move. There are apps for this also, if you want to use your phone.

When you have the game prepped, and are ready to play – it’s super simple. The first person rolls the dice, moves that number of spaces. If you land on a day of the week space, read that word and it is the next persons turn. If you land on a snake, you must follow the snack down until it ends. This is the new spot for that person’s token. If you land on a ladder, follow the ladder up. This is the person’s new space for the token.

Everyone takes turns one after another following these steps. That is until someone reaches the end, and that person is the winner.

To add in extra challenge, if a person lands on a day of the week space, you can ask them to close their eyes and spell the word out. If they land on a ladder or snake, they can recite the days of the week in order, starting with Sunday, until they reach their new spot.

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