Small World Ocean Play (without Water)

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This book caught my eye with bright cut out pages and a cute finger puppet peeking through each one. My Ocean is a joyful read for little ones that giggle and coo at the moving finger puppet. The art is a creative compilation of layered pages composed of various textures, colors and shapes.

Sara Gillingham has created multiple board books that open children to the variety of natural environments, each with a friendly finger puppet. Check out the entire series from Sara Gillingham and choose your favorite habitat.

Small World Ocean Play (without Water)

Welcome to our small world! I wanted some creative time but didn’t feel like a big mess so we pulled out a variety of small items that promote open ended, imagination play and unfolded the felt board.

What you need:

  • pom-poms
  • sea shells and ocean rocks
  • twisty ties or pipe cleaners
  • yarn
  • felt board (find tutorial here)
  • playdough *optional

We have a nice collection of ocean rocks.

What to do:

  • String “sea weed” yarn through the holes in the sea shells.
  • Make outlines of ocean animals with string.
  • Bend twisty ties into starfish or as kelp growing from the shells.
  • Use pom poms as fish bodies and tie the pipe cleaners around as fins and tails, you also can make octopus.

Stringing the “sea weed” is wonderful fine motor practice!

Some of our plastic animals joined the scene.

Things we practiced:

  • color sorting pom-poms
  • counting
  • stacking
  • fine motor skills – twisting, bending, threading

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