Sink or Float Peep Sail Boats

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Helping kids discover what items sink and what items float can be a lot of fun. This spring, try your hand at these sink or float peep sail boats.

At first glance, kids might think that Peeps are like sponges and will sink if they absorb too much water. But the truth is, Peeps are quite buoyant which makes them perfect for this sailboat activity. Look below at how to make a fleet of your own!

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All of the supplies that are needed may be things that you already have in your pantry or craft supplies. If not, they are all pretty inexpensive. That is my favorite type of supplies!

  • assorted Peeps
  • toothpicks
  • tape or craft glue
  • scrap paper
  • scissors
  • bowl
  • water

Begin by cutting out the flags of your boats. You can use any kind of scrap paper and simply cut a triangle out of it.

Take a toothpick and attach the flag either with tape or glue. Hold in place until secure.

This Felt Easter Egg craft is one of our favorites! 

Press the sail/flag into the Peep. Right around the center of the Peep seems to work best.

Fill a bowl with cold water. If you use room temperature or warm water the Peeps will begin to melt.

Set the Peeps on top and watch them sail. You can blow on them to help move them or even race them against each other.

Have a ton of egg shells? This Egg Shell Craft is a great way to recycle them! 

Did the Peep boats float as you expected? Any surprises? Kids will love this hands on spring experiment and watching these Peeps set sail! See how many of them you can make, and race them if you can. Or, you can see what it takes to sink these Peep boats! There are lots of ways you can continue to play and learn with these long after the boats are made.

So gather your supplies and give these floating Peep boats a try!


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