Simple Addition Dice Game

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My son has been happily counting to 20 lately and simply loves the challenge of a new game so I made him this simple addition dice game last last.

Very easy to use and great practice for adding numbers up.

To play you will need:

  • Free printable (see the download box at the bottom of this post)
  • Dice
  • Pencil

There are 3 ways to play this game depending on the skill / advancement of the child.

1. Using 1 dice roll to fill the boxes as pictured. In the first box fill in the dots that appear on the dice and in the 2nd write the number for those dots. Repeat in the 3rd and 4th boxes. Add those 2 numbers up by either counting all your dots or the numbers.

2. Roll 2 dice! Use one set for the first 2 boxes and the other to fill in the 3rd and 4th boxes. Add like in play idea 1.

3. Roll a dice for each box (leaving out the dots) bringing up the numbers to be added past the single digit range.

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