Shape Sorting & Patterning with Connect 4

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I originally got the connect 4 game as a fine motor posting type game for my special needs child. The other kids also love to play with it and after I saw a post about modifying the game to use with factions I decided to modify to go with our shapes themes.

How to make the shape sorting game:

  • You will need the free printable shapes
  • the connect 4 game
  • some blue tack because we will want to remove the shapes at some time.

Print and cut out your shape circles.

Add a little bit or blue tack to hold the paper circles down.

I only added the shapes to one side of the disks you can totally print off 2 pages worth and do both sides.

Then it is sorting time! Sort the shapes in a line.

My 3 year old loved doing this activity it was an awesome game since she already loves using the connect 4 game as is.

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Another variation of the shapes learning game is to pattern with them! Which one comes next?

I hope you also enjoy this game as much as we did! Have fun learning!!

Also don’t forget to check out the fractions version that inspired this one.

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