Shape Pattern Worksheets

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Shapes and patterns are all around us. They’re present in nature and make up the building blocks of languages, computer coding, and music. Learning how to identify them is an essential skill that will serve your child throughout his/her life, regardless of what they choose to do. These shape pattern worksheets are a perfect way to introduce your children to the building blocks of pattern recognition.

Shape Pattern Printables

Your shape pattern worksheets come with six printable pages. Each page includes five different shape patterns with a blank space at the end of each pattern. Your child will then need to figure out the next shape in the sequence, according to the pattern. It’s a great way to get your child thinking logically and working on their problem solving skills.


There’s truly a wealth of benefits to working on shape pattern recognition activities. It’s an important skill that will help your child with so many other aspects of their learning. These shape pattern worksheets will help your child with their:

  • Pre-mathematical and geometric skills
  • Categorization
  • Problem solving
  • Reasoning skills
  • Ability to make an educated guess
  • And more!

Pattern recognition skills may be even more important and necessary in today’s day and age. Living in a digital world requires certain analytical skills, and working on patterns and shapes can help your child to develop them.

Shape Pattern Worksheets for Kids

We hope that you and your kids have fun with these shape pattern worksheets. After all, research shows that when you enjoy learning activities, you are more likely to retain the information and be eager to learn more in the future. Here at Powerful Mothering, we strive to make learning fun. Make sure to check out our other learning content as well for more opportunities to nurture your child’s love of learning!

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