Sensory Search and Find Name Threading

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Welcome to day 1 of 10 where we explore ideas to help your child learn to spell and write their name! You can quickly jump to each day as it is indexed on this page.

In the first 5 days we are exploring more of the play and activity options of learning our name.

Today’s activity starts by adding some sensory materials to a bin. In this bin I have used kinetic sand. It makes great shapes when the letters are pressed into it and offers endless castle building opportunities where the name letters could be stacked upon.

Once the sand is in select the letters from the child’s name and a few that don’t appear in the name and sprinkle them on top. For extra challenge bury them!

TIP: If your child does NOT know how to spell their name have their name written on a sheet of paper nearby so that they can compare the letters as they retrieve them from the sensory bin.

There are now 2 options you can do first! Let the child display their name (as below) or start threading those letters as they are dug up from the bin!

Threading is also such a great fine motor skill for a toddler or preschooler.

My daughter loved these threading letters so much she tiped the entire bag into the kinetic sand. She was busy for along time threading 🙂

I have also used the exact same activity for vowel searching! Activities can definitely be recycled with different uses.

Visit the main page for more ideas on teaching your child their name!

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