Seedlings in Egg Shells

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This little gardening activity is pretty self explanatory. It is another way to get kids interested in gardening and to get the seedlings going in your kitchen.

My 4 year old loved helping with this one!

We used one of our big egg trays and a few egg shells from breakfast scrambled eggs. When I cracked the eggs I took care to crack them near the top so that I could get as full an egg shell as I could.

After a wash in some soapy water and a rinse out we went into the garden to fill the egg shells with dirt. To fill we used a tablespoon.

Once the egg shells are filled gently pat down the ground inside and transfer to another tray or container so that you can remove the extra dirt.

Your egg shells are now ready for seeds! For planting seeds we used a kebab stick (or use a tooth pick) to poke a nice hole in the dirt for the seeds.

We planted watercress, parsley, coriander and one tomato seed.

Place your tray in a sunny location and keep damp. These egg shell seedlings are great for kids to water with a tablespoon. There was great interest when the watercress popped out only 2 days later!

Once your seedlings are big enough for transplant gently crush the bottom of the egg shell and plant just like that in the garden. 🙂

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