Seed Life Cycle Scavenger Hunt Printable

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It’s spring, which means if you’re like me, you want to be outside. Outside as much as possible. I like bringing our learning outside when we can and this Seed Life Cycle Scavenger Hunt is a perfect outside activity!

Seed Life Cycle Printable Activity

This printable scavenger hunt has all that you need to get outside and learn about the life cycle of a seed, from planting to harvesting the fruit (or vegetable). For this activity we chose beans because I liked the idea of giving kids the choice of eating the bean or replanting it. It’s magical how the food can be the exact reason more will grow.

This packet includes 6 different pictures of the seed life cycle: planting the seed, the sprout, roots growing, leaves growing, blossoms and then the fruit/vegetable growing. Also included are pictures of the sun and water/rain, the whole vegetable (bean pod) and a bowl of warm beans to eat. Each picture is labeled with a number to help with putting them in order.

We included labels for each step as well for children who are able to read the steps.

There is also a ‘map’ to help show the process as a whole.

Prepping this activity is not difficult at all, and with a little extra effort spent, this activity can last you for years to come. After you print the pack, grab the scissors and cut out each of the pieces.

I prefer to laminate our activities, especially when they are going outside, to help protect them. This is optional, but it will help the activity last.

Hide each of the pictures in random parts of the yard. This can be in places that are easy for the kids to find or for children who are ready for more of a challenge, you can really hide them good.

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Children will find all of the pieces, bring them back to the grass and put them in order. This is when you can discuss each part. The map that we provided will help you with that. If you did not include the labels on the hidden pictures, you could ask children to label the pictures at this time too.

Once the cycle is almost complete, you can explain that the beans can be replanted or eaten, or both. Give them a choice and see what they would do.

I love that this activity is helping kids learn something so important while still being outside, getting energy out and having fun. Children can work together as a team or do this individually.

After you finish this seed life cycle activity, try our Egg Shell Seed Starters.

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