Seasons of Motherhood: Adding a 2nd Child

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I have been asked a few times in the last few months about what it was like to go from having one child to two.

Honestly I only recall small bits from those first few months of being a mother of two. You see my first and second children are 15 months apart.

I have always believed that a close age gap would bring so many benefits to the children and to us as parents, in the long run.

Kids close in age tend to be friends with each other, share similar interest and just generally grow up in each others company. 5 years of diapers and I’m done!

This season of motherhood where I have such small children may be exhausting at times for me as the mother but I relish it. Those first smiles, first steps and first words. This is the season I have been in for almost 6 years. Why 6 years? I had a 3rd and recently a 4th child!

Ok, lets get back on topic here.

What was it like going from one child to two?

I didn’t sleep much, a given.

Getting out the house was a little mission, cue theme song.

I needed a tandem stroller! Those malls are mean on a Mamma with 2 little ones by herself. (From experience those side by side ones are horrid. just horrid! Get a front and back one like in the link)

I was always prepared with a well supplied diaper bag. Full of snacks and baby wipes.

The washing, oh the washing (laundry).. The diapers.. oh the diapers…

Food time was interesting until we established a routine. I am the master of one handed food preparation!

Did you love less?

I did not and still don’t find myself preferring my first over my second born. Each have their own distinct personalities and have carved their own little areas out in my heart.

I feel that there will always be enough love for my children and I show this in everyday actions, a hug here, a kiss there, then tickle, just because because I can.

Helping out

I tried my best to still give my first born all the attention he needed. Talking, playing, snuggling, these all happened around the new sibling.

If your child is older include them in every day taking care of the baby. Don’t force it, just make them feel helpful and needed. It is a great way to help them not feel like they are being replaced.

You will get a mix of reactions. The one day your older child will be helpful and gentle then the next they might change their mind. Be understanding of this adjustment.

In the end they got to know each other!

Quotes and tips from other Moms

Don’t be too hard on yourself. I felt so guilty because my older child was getting less of my attention and my house was always a mess, but I finally realized that this is only a season. Eventually, the baby won’t need you constantly, you will get more sleep and your older child will get lots of time with you again. Just do the best you can and give yourself lots of grace. – Mom Inspired Life

When we were expecting baby brother I carried around a baby doll a few days before his arrival. We talked about being nice to baby and showed what to expect when he arrived. We even put him in a baby swing and on the playmat- just to show brother where baby would be hanging out – Munchkins and Moms

Be patient, praise your “big helper” and when it’s time for baby to nurse you can snuggle with your older child and read stories. Get your kid as involved as possible with the care of their little sibling – Betsy’s Photography

What the Moms on facebook say

Post by Powerful Mothering.

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