Scratch Art Paper for Kids

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Making scratch art paper has been on my list to try for many moons, this week we tried it and the kids loved it!

This month’s process art is all about crayons as always find more ideas at the bottom of this post.

How to make scratch art paper:

You will need some

  • white cardstock
  • wax crayons
  • black paint & paintbrush

The first step is to color in your paper. This is activity to do with the kids they must fill the page full of various colors. I did this with the kids it was great fun. We even had a race to see who would get the last white bit!

Tip: Make sure that the crayon you are using has a wax like finish when used. This will allow the paint we put on later to left off when scratched.

Next paint a thin layer of black paint over the surface. I have used our usual tempera paints.

Leave to dry.

Once dry it is time to have fun scratching! We have used a Plastic Head Push Pin to scratch with. Another item you can use is a paper clips end.

Scratch the designs or drawings into the paint. This takes time but it is rather fun to watch the paint lift off as you scratch.

Warning: There will be flakes of paint coming off when scratched! 

This is definitely an activity that occupies the kids. I would suggest this more for the preschooler area because of the sharp pin / paper clip that is used to scratch with.

I hope you try this activity too, I am making some new sheets soon and can’t wait to see what the kids scratch up or off?

As promised! More ideas for your crayons:

  • Melted Crayon Art from Mum in the Mad House
  • Crayon Melting Art from Kidz Activities
  • Crayon Smash Artwork from Peakle Pie
  • Crayon Shaving Sun Catchers from Rainy Day Mum
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  • Simple Invitation to Draw with Crayons at an Easel from Stir the Wonder
  • Colourful Melted Crayon Window Shade from One Time Through
  • Exploring hammers and crayons {Crayon Process Art} from Squiggles and Bubbles

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