How to Make a Scarecrow Mask

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With fall upon us, you might start to notice lots of scarecrows in fields! Scarecrows are a great way for farmers to keep away birds and other critters, but they are also a fun way for kids to get into the fall season. Look below at how to make your own scarecrow mask, so you can start celebrating the arrival of fall scarecrow style!

Make a Scarecrow Mask with the Kids

You may have all of these materials in your craft stash already!

Supplies needed:

paper plate
construction paper in red, white, orange, yellow, brown
wood craft stick

Scarecrow mask directions:

Begin by creating the eyes for the mask. Try to gauge where the eyes will be on the plate and use the craft scissors to cut out two holes. You can also cut out triangles from the black construction paper and use those as eyes.

Now, start to create the hair and hat for the scarecrow. Strips of yellow construction paper can act as straw. Just cut strips and glue to the top of the plate. Then, cut out a simple square hat from the brown paper and attach to the top of the head. Add a rectangular brim to the hat. You can also use felt for the hat, if you’d prefer.

Continue creating the face of the scarecrow.  Cut a mouth out of brown or black construction paper, although you can also use a black marker to draw the mouth.

Use the construction paper to add more embellishments. You can create cheek circles, the top half of a shirt, even a flower for the hat.

Once the face is complete, glue your scarecrow face to the wood craft stick. Be generous with glue, press, and allow to dry.

Your scarecrow mask is now ready to be enjoyed. Use it to act out plays, songs, and rhymes!

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