Santa Number Matching Printable

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Is your little one learning numbers? Learning numbers is incredibly important for children to do. This is the base of the future of math in their lives. Even if you are like me and it doesn’t come easily, it is so important for kids to learn. This Santa Number match activity can help!

Santa Number Match

This number matching game is perfect for children who are beginning to learn to identify numbers and number words. This is also great for children who just need extra practice.

After printing the printable game, cut each card out. You’ll notice that the top of the hat has the numeric number while the bottom has the number words. They are separated by a zig zag line that you can cut to separate the two pieces of the card.

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This step is optional, but laminating the cards is a good idea. This will help keep the game safe from little hands, which means they can be used again and again.

Once they are prepared, you can set up the game however you’d like. The first decision is how many cards to use. There is one card for each number 1-20. If your little one is not ready for all of those numbers, just use the ones they are ready for. For instance 1-5 or 5-10.

You can either mix up all the pieces together, bottom pieces and tops, or mix up between the two piles. This is up to you, depending on the challenge level your child is ready for.

Have the child find the matches and move them to the side when they are connected.

How fun is this? The Santa theme is fun in itself, but then when you add in a matching game it’s even better!

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