Safe Bead Exploration for Toddlers

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The youngest of my 4 kids can now officially say she’s a a toddler, she walks everywhere destructing exploring things including some things that she really shouldn’t, such as her big brothers LEGO.

The other day at 19 months old I found her engrossed in the no sew quiet books last page which had beads on it and an idea struck.

I made her her own bead exploring toy!

Homemade Toy for Toddlers

The concept is very simple. You will need:

  • Pipe cleaner
  • Beads of interest
  • 2 beads to close off the pipe cleaner

On one end of the pipe cleaner thread the ending bead, I have used simple pearler beads.

Twist the pipe cleaner in and tightly wrap around the main pipe cleaner to secure the bead. This is perfect because that bead is not coming off with out an adult and some pliers. 

Slide the beads of interest on the pipe cleaner. Be sure to leave some spacing for sliding of the beads.

Finish off by adding another pearler bead and twisting it in on itself until secure.

Give your little creation to your toddler!

This homemade toddler toy is great for exploring and it also encourages fine motor skills.

My toddler will often just sit on my lap and explore those beads sliding them up and down with her little pincer grasp.

If you had a certain number of beads on your pipe cleaner you can count them. If they are different colors say the names of the colors and if you happen to have animals / objects for beads you can say the names! You also get abc beads, which you can spell their name with.

The safe bead exploration toy was a big hit with my toddler and I think it would be safe to start giving this homemade toy from 12 to 18 months old. My toddler is now 21 months old and still loves to explore those beads from time to time.

We have had no issues with the end beads coming off at all. My 5 year old has tried on many occation to liberate them. 

Looking for more things to do with your toddler?

Check out what my other daughter did at 18 months old! I’ll be updating it soon with my 2nd daughters explorations too!

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This idea isn’t JUST for 1 year olds!

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