Renew Yourself with Herbal Tea

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You want to know what I turn to when I need a little pep in my step and patience in my words? An uplifting herbal tea. This is my go-to home remedy against daily stresses, acute impatience, and the onset of irritable sentiments.

We all want health and vitality.

The power of herbs should not be underrated.

Renew Yourself with Herbal Tea

Tea time is my special time, my personal high-five to life when I get a minute to meditate on things I am grateful for and intentionally put on a pot of nutrients for myself.

Combine a 3:2:1 ratio of the following:

Green Tea a slightly fruity flavor with high anti-oxidents and just a bit of caffine

Nettle vitamin and mineral rich, tonic for the whole body

Lemon Peel a zesty addition that helps digestion and is packed with Vitamin C

Steep 1 tbsp per cup of hot water. Store the remainder in a glass jar for tomorrow.

I love having a symbiotic relationship with the nature around me. When I cannot acquire local, seasonal herbs I turn to the trusty Mt Rose directory of bulk organic dried herbs.

Browsing through their selection for ideas, I found some inspiring blends that will renew your spirit and perk up your body. These are not to be missed out on!

Dawn Chorus Tea – Mineral rich with a soft girly scent of rose petals

Persephone’s Tea – A rooty bend that will help your body function better in life.

Vita-Blend – A vitalizing blend using of some of the most nutrient dense herbs.

Blossoms of Health – Drink a rich bouquet of nourishment!

This is the last post of my DIY Herbal Tea Series – I hope you enjoy sipping on these tasty and medicinally beneficial teas!

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