Recycled Money Wipe Box

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We are wrapping the final posts for 60 days of junk play!! WOW, some awesome creative things have been made. Do check them out on the link at the bottom of this post!

My final contribution is this recycled baby wipes box. At the start of the year I got this awesome idea from my friend Nadia over at Teach Me Mommy about saving coins to buy a nice family gift at the end of the year. She had only done hers for a few months at the time and they were able to get something rather nice! So I thought that doing this for almost an entire year would be even better!

Now of course we use our coins a lot here in Ecuador because we have to use taxis to travel everywhere so I decided we would use notes that we get every once in a while. The $5 notes in particular  seem to be a bit scares. So for now we are adding these into our christmas saving box.

To replicate this money box you will need the actual baby wipe box and some washi tape. Now it doesn’t have to be a wipe box it can be any box you are able to stick washi tape on.

I really loved this activity for the kids as they got to cut little strips of washi tape and stick it on the box. Great fine motor and cutting practice!

That tape was being stuck SO fast I got blurry hand pictures.. lol

I hope you find the idea useful!

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Looking for more awesome recycled ideas?

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