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Jenkins is the author of numerous animal centered books. These are wonderful learning tools and educational works for young kids. They cover a rich diversity of animals, many of which I am learning about for the first time.

The main substance of the story is simple and clearly presented, easy enought for young readers, or in my case listeners, to understand. The last pages revisit each animal mentioned in the previous sections with an extra informative blurb about their size, habitat and interesting tidbits about their lifestyle. It is a great way to extend the reading time.

Time to Eat discusses 17 different animals, including land and sea mammals, reptiles, insects and bugs. From the great blue whale down to the little wood tick, animals from a range of backgrounds are taught to our little inquisitors.

Many options for paper bag puppets here!

Paper Bag Puppets: Art for Any Age

Immediately the idea was a hit, my three-year-old found the idea of just having a paper bag over her hand hilarious.

What you need:

  • Small paper bags
  • Loose scraps of paper of a variety of textures
  • Supplies you have on hand – glitter, glitter glue, colored string, googley eyes, etc

What you do:

  • Gather your supplies
  • Pick out an animal from the book to make a puppet of
  • Form the bag to make sure it fits on your kids hand and they have a general idea how it should look.
  • Cut, tear, glue and glitter your way to a completed puppet. Don’t forget the teeth and mouth so it can eat its yummies!

Aside the other works by Steve Jenkins, Time to Eat is part of a series that also includes Time to Sleep and Time for a Bath. Check them all out for more valuable educational resources for your little animal lover!

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