Raising Girls Series – 10 Weeks of Positively Parenting our Daughters

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We’re excited to bring you our next parenting Series called RAISING GIRLS.

Taken from experience, studying larger families and a small mountain of books, this series aims to give you gems of wisdom on how to raise your daughter(s) with values and self beliefs that’ll help mould her into a confident & great young woman.

We hope you’ll enjoy it and take something great from our series each week!

Week 1 – Cultivating Solid Self Esteem In Daughters

Self esteem is a fragile thing. We know that. We have all been pre-teens, teenagers and are adult women, with certain things that affect our self esteem. So how do we raise our daughters to be self confident women, who have a deep sense of certainty about who they are? Read More.

Week 2 – Questions In Every Little Girl’s Heart

Whether or not we realise it, each little girl has a resounding question in her heart, waiting to be answered. Knowing this question and actively answering it can be one of the single most important things we do as parents of little girls. Read More.

Week 3 – 10 Life Changing things a Father can do for his Daughter

There is no figure in a little girl’s life as weighty and influential in her later years, as a father. Read More.

Week 4 – 10 Beliefs every Girl should have about Herself

We know that our words over our daughters are powerful and effective, that they mold her ‘lens’ through which she sees herself and the world. So how can we, as parents, ensure she gets the most positive outlook regarding herself? Read More.

Week 5 – Building Confidence In Your Daughter

When so many people and things are pulling at and molding our children’s confidence each day, how do we, as parents, help shape their confidence in a positive way? Read More.

Week 6 – Training Our Daughters

Do you ever come across tasks/skills that you wish you had been taught growing up? Read More.

Week 7 – Spending Time With Your Daughter – Loving Time Through Play

Is there anything sweeter than spending time with your little girl? Her giggles and innocence, love of anything pink and shiny, joy over shared milkshakes; holding hands and going for walks, favorite dolls, pink blankets, gorgeous, tiny shoes… little girls are divine! Read More.


Week 8 – Keeping Communication With Your Daughter Easy

Life is so fast paced. It is easy to get irritable with little kids who walk too slowly, take forever to potty train and who nag, whine and tantrum. How do we learn to manage our emotions, change our view of things and connect to our little girls in a healthy, secure way? Read More.

Week 9 – Teaching Your Daughter About True Beauty

We live in a culture that constantly advertises to girls – billboards, magazines, TV adverts, movies – they show images of apparently perfect women and paint that as ‘normal’, and although we as adults know that they are not the ‘norm’, that their pictures are airbrushed and enhanced, most young girls don’t. Read More.

Week 10 – 5 Important Conversations You Should Have With Your Daughter

As moms, we have a powerful role in our daughter’s lives as we lead them in making the best decisions they can. Read More.

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